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The Latest on How We’re Making Insurance Not Suck!

Our mission at M&W is to make insurance not suck! For our customers, for our team, and for all Ontarians. Read the latest news on Mitchell & Whale and what we’re up to. It definitely doesn’t suck.

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How Digital Technology is Helping Our Clients

I am always interested in new technologies especially when I can see how they can make our service faster and more convenient for our customers. These days, not many people have time to visit an insurance office to sign documents or even shop around for insurance quotes. This is where digital technology plays a major role in making the insurance process easier for everyone. Read more

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Adam Mitchell

Is Uber Insurance Enough for Everyone?

Leading Ontario Insurance Broker Mitchell & Whale cautions the answer is not so clear.

Whitby Ontario – Dec 1, 2015 – uberX provides everyday cars for everyday use. Prices are reasonable, the vehicles are available and driven by well-meaning people looking to make a few dollars extra from their vehicles. But before you sign up to become an uberX driver consider the insurance implications. Do you have to inform your insurance broker that you are using your vehicle to transport paying customers? Read more

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Adam Mitchell

Mitchell & Whale Insurance Goes Digital

Adam Mitchell Interviewed by RSA Insurance: The Insurance Business is Going Digital

The insurance industry is embracing digital technology, combining the best aspects of the new and old ways of doing business. Being able to access policy information, quotes and claims status online 24/7 allows insurance brokers to be available to their clients all day, every day, even when their offices are closed. However, digital technology will never replace the personal relationship building that can only happen with direct contact. Read more

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