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The Latest on How We’re Making Insurance Not Suck!

Our mission at M&W is to make insurance not suck! For our customers, for our team, and for all Ontarians. Read the latest news on Mitchell & Whale and what we’re up to. It definitely doesn’t suck.

A Short Pause for The Team That Never Stops

The Mitchell & Whale team has been working super-hard throughout the pandemic to help our customers get through it. When COVID-19 hit in March, we were one of the first businesses in Ontario to be fully remote to protect both our team and our customers, and since then, we’ve not only maintained our high standards of customer care, we’ve exceeded them.

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M&W Team Never Stops
Mitchell & Whale service team nps

Taking Care of Our Customers During the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought with it a number of negative effects, including of course the physical and emotional toll on families directly affected by the virus. Beyond that, it has wreaked havoc on businesses, and resulted in millions of Canadians facing considerable financial hardship, either because they’ve been laid off, or possibly because of reduced hours during the pandemic.

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Backpacks for kids challenge

Backpacks For Kids Challenge 2019

What Do Kids’ Backpacks Have to Do With Insurance?

At Mitchell & Whale, we care about people. Yes, we know that EVERYBODY says they care about people, and yes, we know that it’s a big cliché, but the fact is that our focus on people is the single biggest reason for our success, and we choose to make it central to everything we do. Read more

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Business insurance sign

Making Business Insurance Not Suck – Day 1

As some of you may know, Mitchell & Whale Insurance Brokers have been tearing up trees in the last few years to transform insurance for drivers and homeowners.

Mitchell & Whale have challenged the perceived wisdom in the industry by making it a simple, quick and human process. Read more

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