Lower Insurance Rates

You Can’t Avoid Buying Insurance, But You Can Control The Cost

At Mitchell & Whale, we understand that a lot of the time, you don’t want to buy insurance, but you have to. The best way to make that purchase as painless as possible is to save a little dough. We can help with that!

Save Money by Paying Insurance Premiums

Although budgets can get really tight some months, be aware that you really can save money by paying insurance premiums on time. Like most businesses, insurance companies do not consider non-payments lightly. In an industry in which premiums are calculated according to various risk characteristics (age, experience, claims, geography), insurance history plays a big role too in determining whether you qualify for insurance with a certain company. So you better believe that a policy cancellation due to non-payment shows up on your insurance history records. Read more

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Insurance Discounts

Without a doubt, discounts are the best way to reduce your premiums. Do you know all the discounts available to you? Qualifying for discounts is easier than you think, so it is important to talk to your insurance broker about maximizing your savings. Read more

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Lower Car Insurance Rates in Ontario

Car Insurance Rates are Falling. Really!

If you are a good driver, you should expect to see lower car insurance rates when renewal time comes! In a press release dated January 15, 2014, the Ministry of Finance for Ontario reported that auto insurance rates have already dropped by a total of 4.66 per cent on average since August 2013 Read more

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