Life Insurance

Your Life is the Most Valuable Thing You Have

If you have kids, own a home, or run a business, life insurance can give you a lot of peace of mind at a lower cost than you might think. Learn more about the different kinds of life insurance, why you need it, and how to keep your premiums affordable.

Ask Adam: Term or Permanent Life Insurance?

Hey Adam,
I know I should be considering life insurance but I’m confused about the difference between term and permanent. I’ve heard that term insurance is a lot cheaper and the best way to go. Can you help me understand the options so I can figure out what’s best for me and my family?

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Adam Mitchell
Life insurance for HIV patients

Insurance for HIV Patients Now Available

At one time, a diagnosis of HIV was life-threatening news since it usually meant that AIDS would follow. Thankfully medical treatments have been developed that allow people to live with HIV, which has become regarded as a chronic disease rather than a fatal illness. This good news still didn’t make insurance companies ready to insure HIV-positive people until earlier this year when Manulife made a significant announcement. Read more

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Happy couple in their home

When to Buy Life Insurance

Life insurance is an important asset that can be the difference between making sure your family is protected and leaving your loved ones in a terrible situation. While most adults know they need life insurance, they aren’t sure when to buy it or what a policy should cover. Read more

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Happy mature couple

How to Save Money on Life Insurance (Case Study)

Case Study – True Story with Names Changed for Privacy

Mr. & Mrs. Smith are business owners of an incorporated business, in their late 50’s and in good health.

We contacted these clients because Mr. Smith had a term life insurance policy that was renewing that month and his rates were going to triple in cost.

Mrs. Smith asked us to come in and review their entire insurance portfolio and wanted to know what kind of insurance Mr. Smith currently has Read more

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