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How Much is Home Insurance in Ontario?

Home insurance is essential protection for anyone who owns their own home. It’s not mandatory, but if you have a mortgage, your bank will insist that at least the structure itself be insured. So if you’re buying for the first time or looking to move, you might want to know how much you’re likely to pay for home insurance in your area. Across Ontario, the average cost is approximately $121 a month. In Toronto and the GTA, it’s a little higher.

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How much is home insurance in Ontario?
Toronto tenants insurance - what you need & how much you'll pay

Renting in Toronto – How Much Is Tenants Insurance?

If you’re looking to rent an apartment in Toronto or elsewhere in the GTA, you can usually get a tenants insurance package for $20-40 a month. And if you drive, which most of us do, your tenants or renters insurance could pay for itself by getting you a 5-15% multi-line discount on your auto insurance.

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Are you covered?

Is My Home Covered For Fire?

Of course home insurance covers fire. It is the reason home insurance was invented back in the 1600s, and until quite recently, was the most common type of home insurance claim. The fire insurance in your policy typically covers not only the building, but also your possessions, if they are lost or damaged in a blaze. The only reasons a fire in your home would not be covered is if you set the fire on purpose, or if you are grossly negligent in fire safety.

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Home insurance discounts

8 Home Insurance Discounts That Can Save You Money

The price of insurance seems to always be going up in Ontario. As it pertains to home, condo and tenants insurance, the main reason for price increases over the last several decades has been a sharp increase in the number and cost of claims related to water damage. This is to be expected in an age when climate change is leading to increased frequency and severity of storms all over the world.

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Essential reads

Our most popular home insurance posts and resources. Whether you're looking to insure your first home or shopping for better coverage, this is your first stop to catching up on the essentials of home insurance in Ontario.

What Questions Do I Need to Answer to Get Home Insurance?

Shopping for home or tenants insurance in Ontario is not quite as straightforward as shopping for auto insurance. That’s because the government has very strict rules for auto insurance, but not for home insurance. Insurance companies can determine your premium based on whatever risk factors they think are most important. (For auto insurance, certain factors are banned.)

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Home insurance questions for quote
Best home insurance companies in Ontario

The Best Home Insurance Companies in Ontario

There are more than 40 different insurance companies that offer home insurance in Ontario. It can be difficult to tell one from the next sometimes. A lot of them seem to offer similar things, so how do you know which one to choose? There’s no one answer, but there are certainly ways to narrow it down.

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Best auto insurance companies

The Best Car Insurance Companies in Ontario

Ontario has about 12 million registered vehicles and only about 11 million people who are currently of driving age. Long story short, if you’re an adult living in Ontario, there’s a good chance you need car insurance. But you probably see ads for dozens of different insurance companies every week, and they all say that they’re the best, that they offer the best rates, and that they give you the best service if you have to make a claim.

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Dealing With Home Perils

No matter how prepared you are, accidents and bad luck can cross your path. Learn about ways recover quickly and effectively from an unforeseen should disaster strike your home and property.

An ice dam

Ice Dams 101

An ice dam is a build-up of ice or snow along the edge of a roof or eaves. Water from rain or melting snow then pools behind this build-up and passively backs up underneath the shingles entering the attic or wall cavity.

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Ontario windstorm of 2018

Wind Damage: What’s Covered and How to Proceed

This Wednesday’s windstorm in Southern Ontario left a trail of destruction and at least 100,000 without electricity. Wind gusts of up to 100km per hour toppled fences, brought down trees, ripped siding from homes, and blew shingles from roofs throughout the province. Read more

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Home Safety & Claims Prevention

Regardless of your level of home insurance, prevention is the key to your safety and fewer claims, as well as the best way to keep your rates from increasing.

Frozen pipe spraying water in winter

How to Avoid Frozen Pipes in Winter

While You Were Gone – Avoid Costly Surprises When on Vacation

As Canadians, we like to escape winter if we can—maybe spend a few of the harsher weeks of the season down in some tropical destination. Read more

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