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Keep calm and cover your assets

Insurance: Quietly Covering Your Assets

Money For Nothing?

Of all the goods and services competing for a share of our hard-earned cash, insurance will not likely rank high on many Top-10 Lists of most satisfying purchases.

Consumer products generally come with some immediate gratification: We show off the new car as soon as we drive it off the lot; the weekly grocery trip supplies the next meal; we rock the casual Friday jeans purchase. Even a new hairdo will normally draw a round of semi-genuine approval from friends and family. Read more

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Online shopper on computer

How Digital Technology is Helping Our Clients

I am always interested in new technologies especially when I can see how they can make our service faster and more convenient for our customers. These days, not many people have time to visit an insurance office to sign documents or even shop around for insurance quotes. This is where digital technology plays a major role in making the insurance process easier for everyone. Read more

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Insurance claim being filled fraudulently

What You Need to Know About Insurance Fraud in Ontario

Insurance fraud in Ontario is hurting all of us by increasing the cost of insurance, when the one thing we all want is cheaper car insurance. Defrauding or attempting to defraud an insurance company is a criminal offence that can result in jail time, and good luck trying to be insured again in the future. Read more

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Security system for lower home insurance rates

How to Get Lower Insurance Rates

No one likes to pay for insurance so make sure you know about these ways to get lower insurance rates. The trick is to remain protected with the right amount of coverage at the right price. Read more

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Insurance risk

How Insurance Works

Whether you are new to insurance or would just like to understand it better, this topic will explain how insurance works for you, providing financial protection when you need it most.

Car accidents happen. Fires happen – in the kitchen, the garage or the basement. Even though we want to think it will never happen to us, these unfortunate events do happen. The sudden need for insurance, whether car insurance or home insurance, can occur in a split second Read more

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Shopping cart button on keyboard

When to Go Insurance Shopping

Is it time to go insurance shopping? If your insurance policy is set to renew soon and you’re thinking about shopping around for a new insurance company, now’s the time to start exploring your options. However, if you’re on the fence with your decision to make a switch, there are a few ways to know when it’s time to shop around. Read more

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