Insurance While Riding with Your M1: What You Need to Know

M1 motorcycle licence & insurance

With the COVID-19 pandemic wreaking havoc with lots of things, it should be no surprise that a lot of new motorcycle riders are having trouble booking the courses and testing they need to get their M2 licenses. With most insurance companies refusing to insure M1 riders, the only option for the summer of 2020 may be to get insurance with Facility Association, the insurer of last resort, through a licensed broker like Mitchell & Whale.

This first riding season will be more expensive than what you could find with an M2, but if you can arrange to get your M2 by the time you renew next year, our brokers will be happy to get you cheaper quotes from other insurers at that time.

If you’ve decided that this is the summer to finally start riding a motorcycle, good for you! Getting out on a bike is an awesome way to experience our great country, and there’s no better way to shake off the COVID isolation blues than to be out and about in the open air.

Sadly, the same pandemic that’s making you want to get out on a bike is also going to make that process a little more complicated…and expensive. You see, most insurance companies won’t insure M1 riders, but it’s usually not been a problem, because before COVID, you could do your M2 test right away, and then apply for insurance with your M2 under your belt.

Motorcycle Insurance For M1 Riders
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The Cost of Insurance as an M1 Rider

Today, because of COVID, rider training and testing are subject to long wait times (as long as 90 days), so if you’re waiting for your M2 before you ride on the road, that won’t be this season. The alternative is getting insurance with your M1, but we’ll tell you up front that your first year will be pricey. The only insurance company that will insure M1 riders is Facility Association (through a broker), so we can tell you exactly how much that will cost you.

How much does M1 insurance cost?

The following table shows the prices for M1 riders based on the rider’s age and the CCs of the bike.

CC's Yearly Premium Monthly Premium
Age 16-20
100 or less $1434.00/yr $121.00/mth
101 – 400 $7,335.00/yr $619.00/mth
401 – 750 $9,346.00/yr $789.00/mth
751 and up $11,165.00/yr $943.00/mth
Age 21-24
100 or less $1121.00/yr $95.00/mth
101 – 400 $5,604.00/yr $473.00/mth
401 – 750 $7,100.00/yr $599.00/mth
751 and up $8,464.00/yr $714.00/mth
Age 25 and over
100 or less $766.00/yr $65.00/mth
101 – 400 $3,815.00/yr $322.00/mth
401 – 750 $4,813.00/yr $406.00/mth
751 and up $5,721.00/yr $483.00/mth

*Assuming up to 1 minor ticket last 3 years

**Quoting basic road coverages only. $1,000,000 Liability, NO collision and NO comprehensive

***Assuming a value for the bike of $2,000 – $8,000 ** (very little difference due to price of bike)

There are benefits to getting your M1 insurance from Mitchell & Whale today. The obvious one is that you’ll be able to enjoy the 2020 riding season. The other is that once you’re a Mitchell & Whale customer, we’ll be able to shop for better rates for you when it’s time to renew next year, so long as you get your M2 in the interim. As one of the top motorcycle insurance brokers in the province, we have access to the best motorcycle insurers, and they’ll be happy to insure you once you get your M2 license.

Don’t Forget Rider Training

There’s not a lot you can do to save on your premiums as long as you’re riding with your M1. But whenever you’re planning to get your M2, you’ll see considerable savings (probably next year) by completing an approved rider training program.

No, You Can’t Save Money By Cancelling Your Insurance in the Winter

If you’re thinking that you can buy insurance now with your M1, then cancel it and get cheaper insurance in 3 months with your M2, don’t count on it. The way that motorcycle insurance is priced in Canada is such that you pay 90% of your premiums for the 6 months when you’re most likely to ride. Cancelling after the riding season is not likely to save you much at all, and penalties may apply, so you may actually lose money in the exchange. Your best bet is to wait until your renewal next year.

M1 Insurance FAQs

  • Does it matter what style of bike I have? – No it doesn’t matter. Rates are based on your age and the CCs of the bike.
  • Will my rate go down once I get my M2 and rider training? – No, Facility Association, which is the only company that insures M1 riders, only sells policies for a year, and they will not adjust your rates mid-policy if you get your M2 and rider training. Cancelling is not a great option either because of the way that motorcycle insurance premiums are split up unevenly by month. We will work with you next year to see if we can get you a better price with your M2 when your policy renews.
  • Can I just cancel when I get my M2 with rider training? – Yes, of course you can cancel, but motorcycle insurance in Canada is priced in a way that most of your premiums are for the summer months, and cancelling in the fall or winter won’t save you money.

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  1. Shawn-Reply
    September 12, 2020 at 5:20 pm

    Looking for insurance to go do my m2 test I have my m1 right now but can’t seem to get insurance for it anywhere just want to be able to drive my own bike during my test and transfer my bike into my name but can’t do that without insurance. Can you help, as I’m getting pretty frustrated that I can’t get anything done without insurance on my bike.

  2. Hatam-Reply
    April 27, 2021 at 2:51 am

    How is the insurance structured, do I pay the same amount every month or is it divided differently? M1 license holder looking to buy first bike, 26 years old with a foreign motorcycle license not listed in the agreement countries. Thanks

    • Mitchell Whale-Reply
      April 28, 2021 at 4:35 pm

      Hi Hatam. Thanks for your question. Yes, your annual premium can be split so that you pay the same amount each month, but you will have to pay the first two months up front. Also, if you cancel before the end of the policy, you will usually find that you still owe the insurance company more premiums. This is because of the way that motorcycle premiums are structured in Canada, which can lead to confusion. Happy riding!

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