How to Make a Home Insurance Claim

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We have insurance in case we need it but at the same time we all hope we never do! In spite of that contradiction, it is best to be prepared to make a home insurance claim because the situation will already be stressful enough.

When a Home Insurance Claim Happens

Discovering a water pipe has burst or that your home has been robbed are very upsetting situations to handle. As soon as you are safely able to do so and after police have been called in the case of theft, notify your insurance company. You will need to describe the damage in detail so these suggestions will help:

  • Take photos or videos of the damage, which will be proof of your claim. If you have earlier photos of your home, these can serve as ‘before’ pictures to show the extent of the damage or items that are missing.
  • Make a list or inventory of all damages or stolen items. Your insurance provider will ask for this so if you had already made a home inventory list that will make this task much easier.
  • Do not start repairs or restoration until you have reported your claim, unless you have to do something to prevent further damage.
  • If expensive items are covered by your home policy, you will likely need to supply receipts, warranties, or valuation documents to substantiate their cost. Many expensive items are not automatically covered in a home policy and you must specify them in your policy to be insured.

Once you have made your claim, your insurance provider will guide you through the next steps and how you will be compensated for your loss. Be aware you will have to pay your deductible first before your insurance covers any part of the claim.

What Happens to My Home Insurance Rates?

If your home insurance rates were based on your claims-free record, then you may lose a discount given on that basis. If you do not have any claims for another full year, you may be able to earn the discount again in future years. On the other hand if this was not your first claim or if another should happen in the same year or the following year, you may see your premiums increase since you will appear to be a higher risk to insure. In this case, shopping around for lower rates would be a good idea.

Expert Advice for Any Home Insurance Claim

Our team of home insurance experts can help you with any insurance claim as well as shop for lower rates for you. Contact Mitchell & Whale Insurance Brokers at 1-800-731-2228 or We’re always happy to help.

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