M&W’s First Annual Christmas Decorating Challenge

Christmas decorating challenge

“The name is bond… Santa bond. I’ll have an eggnog, shaken, not stirred.” – Michael Scott

Introducing the first ever, Mitchell & Whale Christmas Decorating Challenge. The challenge has been answered by two brave companies, Jevco and Sutherland Insurance. Each company was tasked with decorating a common space within their office with a budget of $250, along with homemade elements. The winner of this competition not only gets a free lunch, but is also given $250 from each losing competitor which will then be donated to the charity of their choice.

Christmas decorating challenge prize
Winner gets a free lunch, $250 from each losing competitor for the charity of their choice, and yes, the coveted belt.

It is now up to you to decide, who’s office brought their Christmas game! Vote below, and share your choice to make sure your choice (Mitchell & Whale) wins!

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