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The Myth of an Insurance Blacklist for Sport Bikes

January 8, 2018

On a regular basis we hear from customers who have been searching high and low trying to find insurance on their sport bikes, only to be told there is a “blacklist”. It’s time to bust that myth.

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10 Fatal Distractions For Car Drivers

December 12, 2017

There are times when we have no choice but to entrust our fate to others. We pray the attending surgeon is having a good day. We hope the pilot squeezed in a nap before our red-eye flight. But it doesn’t take a triple-bypass or turbulence at 30,000 feet to be vitally dependent on the competence of people around us—it happens every time we get into a car.

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Why Is Car Insurance So Expensive in the GTA?

November 15, 2017

In an April 2017 report, Special Advisor to the Minister of Finance in Ontario, David Marshall, pegged the average Ontario car insurance premium in the year 2015, at $1,458 per vehicle—a figure almost 55 percent higher than the average rate for the rest of Canada. We discuss this in more detail in an Read more

Ask Adam: Car Insurance Special

November 14, 2017

Adam Mitchell

In This Installment of Ask Adam:

  1. Driver training & lower car insurance
  2. Transferring driving experience to Ontario
  3. How auto insurance companies set their rates
  4. Less-known ways to save on car insurance
  5. Insurance company with best rates in Ontario
  6. Why your car insurance rate could change
  7. How fault is determined in a car accident
  8. Missed car insurance payments
  9. Cost of commercial vs. personal auto insurance

Hi Adam,
If I take driver training, will it affect my car insurance rate? Is driver training worth it?

Patrick from Toronto

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10 Factors That Affect the Cost of Home Insurance

October 28, 2017

Home insurance protects the financial investment you have in your home, and it offers important coverage your family may need in case of an emergency. An experienced insurance broker can help you make the right coverage choices for your home, and introduce you to money saving discounts. When an underwriting team looks at your home insurance application, it uses many different elements to determine your premium.

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The 6 Best Tips For Winterizing Your Cottage

October 16, 2017

Most people have their cottages open and available for three out of four seasons, and closed during the winter. The process of getting your cottage ready to withstand the winter is called winterizing, and it is important that you are as thorough as possible with your winterizing techniques to protect your property and make sure it’s in great shape for the following spring.

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Can I Cancel My Motorcycle Insurance in the Winter?

September 20, 2017

When it comes to motorcycle insurance, many motorcycle owners have questions about how their policy premium is calculated and if they have to cancel their policy in the fall and start a new one in the spring. Read more

Advanced Rider Training Courses in Ontario

September 18, 2017

Whether you’ve just earned your M2 or you’re a seasoned rider, an advanced riders training program can help you boost your skills, confidence, and safety on two wheels. Read more

Top 5 auto insurance discounts no one talks about

September 15, 2017

Everyone wants to save on their car insurance, and time and time again, most of us are aware of common discounts such as combined insurance multi-policy discounts, and driver training discounts. What you may not know about is there are even more discounts you can qualify for depending on your situation. Read more

Insurance: Quietly Covering Your Assets

September 7, 2017

Money For Nothing?

Of all the goods and services competing for a share of our hard-earned cash, insurance will not likely rank high on many Top-10 Lists of most satisfying purchases.

Consumer products generally come with some immediate gratification: We show off the new car as soon as we drive it off the lot; the weekly grocery trip supplies the next meal; we rock the casual Friday jeans purchase. Even a new hairdo will normally draw a round of semi-genuine approval from friends and family. Read more