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Presentation for the 2017 Young Brokers Conference

Below is the slide deck from a presentation I gave to the annual Young Brokers Conference (YBC) in Niagara Falls last month. An energetic group of 124 young up and comers in the industry were given a case study of a stagnant brokerage that wasn’t growing and had a pile of other issues.

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6 Things to Look For in a Motorcycle Training Program—and 1 Thing to Avoid

If you’re ready to hit the open road on a motorcycle, a rider training program will give you the skills and confidence you need to stay safe on two wheels. And not only is a motorcycle skills course a great way to learn how to enjoy your bike, it can help you save money too—insurance providers offer attractive discounts to graduates of MTO-approved motorcycle training courses in Ontario. Read more

Ask Adam: Term or Permanent Life Insurance?

Hey Adam:
I know I should be considering life insurance but I’m confused about the difference between term and permanent. I’ve heard that term insurance is a lot cheaper and the best way to go. Can you help me understand the options so I can figure out what’s best for me and my family?

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Bullish on Brokers – Why Direct Writers Must Fear the Modern Broker

I’m often asked how we are handling competition from direct writers and our feelings on insurance company affinity programs, as well as hearing our broker colleague’s talk about how these are threatening their businesses. It’s a fair question and concern,
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Ask Adam: To Claim or Not to Claim

Hey Adam:
I’ve had my house and car with an insurance company for eight years and this past weekend, lightning struck twice (sort of). Not only did I have a fender-bender with my car (minor damage and thankfully nobody was hurt), but I also lost some roof shingles in a windstorm. Read more

How a DUI Affects Your Auto Insurance in Ontario

It only takes one poor decision to put you into the market for high risk auto insurance, and if you need insurance in Ontario following a DUI, you’re among tens of thousands of drivers each year searching for information and trying to understand your options moving forward.

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Mitchell & Whale: Cultivating a Winning Team

If you build it, they will come.

This slight twist on the ethereal whisper from Kevin Costner’s 1989 film, Field of Dreams, may be useful counsel for employers hoping to field a winning team from a new generation of talent.

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Pink Cards: The Proof is in the Scrolling

It’s an encounter with all the interpersonal appeal of a proctologist appointment:

Good evening, sir, do you know why I pulled you over tonight?

Uh, no officer.

Your left taillight’s out.

Shoot, sorry, it’s my dad’s car. I had no idea.

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Driving Cost From Ontario Auto Insurance

A recent flurry of news reports throws some serious shade at providers of automobile insurance in Ontario.

“Grand Theft Auto,” accuses one headline. “Ontario drivers have fewest accidents, pay highest insurance premiums,” charges another. Read more

Closing the Gender Gap: The End of Discrimination for Insurance is Near

They say necessity is the mother of invention—a cliché that could soon be put to the test if automobile insurers are required to retool reporting processes and generate unique ratings to accommodate a new Ontario government initiative recognizing gender diversity. Read more