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Thinking of buying a right-hand vehicle? Learn the important facts before you buy.

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Thinking of Buying a RHD Vehicle? Read On.

At Mitchell & Whale, we get a lot of calls from people who have bought a right hand drive car and then call us saying that they haven't been able to find insurance. Well we have good news for you. We are happy to help you find insurance for your RHD car and can get you insured once you have purchased your vehicle.

Most insurance companies have filed rules with the Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO) to not provide insurance for right hand drive vehicles, so we have searched the marketplace in Ontario to find solutions for our customers.

RHD Insurance FAQ

Who can get RHD insurance?

We can insure any person with an Ontario drivers license on an RHD car and we have access to special programs for experienced drivers who have been licensed for over 10 years with a clean driving record.

How much will my RHD insurance cost?

The cost of your RHD car insurance policy will be influenced by a few factors such as where you live, how long you’ve been licenses, your driving and insurance record, the type of vehicle and the type of use.

For drivers with 10 years or more licensed and a good driving record you will be looking at a 50% surcharge for the RHD vehicle vs the LHD vehicle insured with the same company.

Does the country of manufacture impact my insurability?

RHD cars of British origin have more options available for them than cars manufactured in Japan. We are able to insure any vehicle that is road legal, there are more insurance companies that will insure British vehicles such as RHD Landrovers, Mini’s or Morgans.

Can I get my RHD car insured as a classic vehicle?

You may qualify for insuring your right hand drive vehicle as a classic if it meets the criteria for classic vehicle insurance. The minimum requirements for classic vehicle insurance are a clean driving and insurance record, at least one other primary vehicle that is insured for your daily use, the vehicle you are wishing to insure must be over 25 years of age, it can not be used for your daily use such as commuting to work, and it must be in stock condition.

What will be required to set up a policy?

If you are looking for collision and comprehensive coverages in addition to the legal minimum coverages, you will require a vehicle appraisal so the insurance company knows how much your vehicle is worth. If you are importing the vehicle, you will need a copy of the import papers.

The insurance companies will also require photos of all 4 sides of the vehicle, a copy of your ownership, and photo of the VIN plate.

I’m a member of an enthusiasts car club, can Mitchell & Whale help us all out?

Absolutely, we have a sales team who are all trained on insuring right hand drive cars, and we will be happy to help you as well as your fellow club members.

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