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Insurance for RHD Vehicles in Ontario

Whether you drive an imported classic coupe from the UK or a Japanese domestic market sports car, we’re on your side when it comes time to find affordable right-hand drive (RHD) insurance in Ontario. As an RHD car enthusiast, you may not drive your prized vehicle every day but on certain occasions or during nice weather, no doubt doing your best to avoid our salted roads in winter. Regardless of how often you enjoy taking your RHD vehicle out for a spin, you want to be properly protected with appropriate insurance coverage.

RHD Vehicles and Insurance Rates

Car insurance for any type of vehicle is always influenced by your years of driving experience and your driving record as well. Some of the additional factors that affect RHD insurance pricing include:

  • Modifications made to imported vehicles
  • Sourcing parts for repairs or replacement
  • Adjusting to different sight lines

We work with specialist insurance companies who truly understand these differences and specialize in offering affordable options for right-hand drive and classic car insurance.

Let Us Find RHD Insurance for You

No matter which side of the car you drive from, we can find the right kind of car insurance for you. We represent over 40 different insurance companies, so we know we can help right hand car enthusiasts find insurers that are willing to provide coverage for your RHD vehicles. For free advice and no-obligation quotes, contact the insurance experts at Mitchell & Whale Insurance Brokers at 1-800-731-2228 or Left or right, we’d be happy to help you!