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Nick Kidd is the Director of Business insurance at Mitchell & Whale Insurance Brokers Ltd. Nick joined the Mitchell & Whale team with a laser focus on building a seamless small business insurance experience for Canadians. Nick has a diverse background in both the UK and Canada with leadership experience across the value chain.

Posts by Nick Kidd:

Why Do I Need a Certificate of Contractor’s Insurance?

03 Jan 2020 in Commercial Insurance&Contractors Insurance

So, you run your own business as a contractor and things are going well. You’re booked for weeks or months in advance and have a tonne of happy customers recommending you to their friends and family and others in the community.

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Why a Larger Insurer is Sometimes Better…and Sometimes Not

05 Dec 2019 in General Insurance Info

In Canada, we love small business, and with good reason. Who doesn’t want to know their local grocer or mechanic, or have their kids go to school with their insurance broker’s kids? As Canadians, we have a natural preference for small family businesses. They are our neighbours. We trust them.

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How Should I Choose a Business Insurance Broker?

11 Sep 2019 in Commercial Insurance

How Do I Find the Right Insurance Broker for my Business Insurance? Great news! When it comes to finding an insurance broker to help you insure your business, there’s plenty of choice out there! In Ontario alone, there are over 1,250 licensed insurance brokerages and across Canada that number increases to well over 5,000. Type […]

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How is the Cost of Business Insurance Calculated?

20 Aug 2019 in Commercial Insurance

How Insurers Calculate the Cost of Your Business Insurance How much is business insurance? The shortest answer to this question is that the cost to insure your business can be as low as $200 a year, or over $200,000 – depending on what your company does and how.

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Why the Most Innovative Brokerage in Canada Doesn’t Use Online Quoting

26 Jul 2019 in Insurance Brokers

Why doesn’t the brokerage that won innovator of the year and brokerage of the year use online quoting tools? What’s Wrong with Online Auto Insurance Quotes? $220! We live in the age of online. You can fill a prescription, design your own business cards or get a four course meal delivered, all without talking to […]

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The Best Contractor Insurance Companies in Ontario

05 Jun 2019 in Commercial Insurance&Contractors Insurance

Contractor insurance in Ontario varies broadly both in terms of coverage and premiums. Unlike auto insurance, the specifics of contractor insurance are not dictated by regulation. More than 30 different companies offer contractor insurance in the province, and each has a slightly different combination of coverages, and sets their premiums accordingly.

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What Do Hackers Want from Your Business?

23 May 2019 in Commercial Insurance&Cyber Insurance

If you’re not familiar with the dark web, it’s a pretty scary place. You would probably just as soon never know what’s there, but then, the only way to protect yourself from bad people doing bad things is to understand who those people are, what they want, and how much damage they can really do.

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How Secure Are Your Passwords?

02 May 2019 in Cyber Insurance

With high-profile hacks and data breaches making the news every week, a lot of us are rethinking our own security, at work and at home. How difficult would it be for a hacker to guess your password?

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Why Are My Insurance Premiums Increasing This Year?

26 Mar 2019 in General Insurance Info

You may have recently received a renewal for your auto, home or business insurance and seen a higher than usual increase in your premium.

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Making Business Insurance Not Suck – Day 1

30 Nov 2018 in News at M&W

As some of you may know, Mitchell & Whale Insurance Brokers have been tearing up trees in the last few years to transform insurance for drivers and homeowners. Mitchell & Whale have challenged the perceived wisdom in the industry by making it a simple, quick and human process.

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