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The articles you'll find on the Mitchell & Whale blog are all the result of a team effort, contributed to by one or more of our RIBO licensed insurance brokers and/or other Ontario insurance experts. Contributors to our blog include our president, Adam Mitchell, Nick Kidd, Alex Gemmiti, and others, too numerous to include here.

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Ask a Broker #2 – Home Insurance Special Q&A 1

19 Feb 2020 in Ask a Broker&Home Insurance

In This Installment of Ask a Broker: Protecting your home, your possessions and your savings from unforeseen dangers like fires, storms and lawsuits is what our service team is all about. This instalment of Ask a Broker is devoted to answering your most common questions about home, condo and tenants insurance. Our team has got […]

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Ontario Distracted Driving Laws, Fines, & Penalties

27 Jan 2020 in Auto Insurance

Driver distraction is the new drunk driving: Here’s what texting and driving will cost you.

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Ask a Broker #1 – Auto Insurance Special Q&A 1

21 Jan 2020 in Ask a Broker&Auto Insurance

In This Installment of Ask a Broker: Every industry has its common questions and at times surprising answers, and the insurance industry is no different. Our brokers are on the front lines of Ontario insurance every day, and have a knack for clear answers that can save you time and money. In this instalment of […]

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Growth Matters – Mitchell & Whale Cracks Growth 500 List

12 Sep 2019 in News at M&W

Canadian Business Magazine has released its 31st annual list of the fastest growing companies in the country (The Growth 500), and Mitchell & Whale is proud to be on it!

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Backpacks For Kids Challenge 2019

05 Aug 2019 in News at M&W

What Do Kids’ Backpacks Have to Do With Insurance? At Mitchell & Whale, we care about people. Yes, we know that EVERYBODY says they care about people, and yes, we know that it’s a big cliché, but the fact is that our focus on people is the single biggest reason for our success, and we […]

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What is Multi-Factor Authentication?

08 May 2019 in Commercial Insurance&Cyber Insurance

…And How Does Multi-Factor Authentication Protect Your Business From Hackers? When you’re learning about the world of malware, hacking and cyber-security, you’ll hear a number of terms being thrown around that you might not understand. One of those is multi-factor authentication, also known as two-factor authentication or 2FA.

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What is Cryptojacking and How Can I Avoid It?

01 May 2019 in Commercial Insurance&Cyber Insurance

Cryptojacking is what we call it when cyber-criminals use your computer to mine Bitcoin or other cybercurrencies. If you understand how Bitcoin and cryptomining works, that’s all you need to know. For everyone else, please read on…

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What is a Phishing Attack and How Can I Protect Myself?

22 Apr 2019 in Commercial Insurance&Cyber Insurance

What is Phishing? Phishing is something that most of us see every day, and most of us completely ignore it. An email from what seems like a travel agency, telling you that you’ve won a free trip, and asking you to click on a link to redeem your prize. Or a message from a bank […]

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The Most Common Cyber Insurance Claims

23 Mar 2019 in Commercial Insurance&Cyber Insurance

Cyber insurance is an emerging area of business insurance that covers your business from a myriad of different risks related to your digital presence.

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6 Myths About Hacks, Data Breaches and Cyber Insurance

21 Mar 2019 in Commercial Insurance&Cyber Insurance

Although we’ve been living in an electronic, online world for quite some time, cyber insurance is still very new, and very misunderstood.

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