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The articles you'll find on the Mitchell & Whale blog are all the result of a team effort, contributed to by one or more of our RIBO licensed insurance brokers and/or other Ontario insurance experts. Contributors to our blog include our president, Adam Mitchell, Nick Kidd, Alex Gemmiti, and others, too numerous to include here.

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Homeowners – Why Choose Replacement Value Instead of Market Value?

13 Jul 2020 in Home Insurance

Many people get confused when we talk about how much their home should be insured for. It’s got nothing to do with what you paid for the home, or what you could sell it for today.

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Snowbirds Next Flight Needs to Bridge OHIP Coverage Gap

25 Jun 2020 in Travel Insurance

Lost in all of the daily news about the coronavirus is a policy tweak to Ontario’s public health insurance plan that applies to anyone travelling outside the province who requires health services.

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What Insurance Do I Need to Open a Cannabis Store in Canada?

03 Jun 2020 in Commercial Insurance

Opening a new cannabis retailer in Canada can be both an exciting and daunting task. It’s been nearly two years since it’s legalization, but in provinces like Ontario, cannabis retailers are still few and far between, but growing by the day.

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Save Some Dough During the Pandemic With CAA MyPace™

22 May 2020 in Auto Insurance

CAA MyPace is a usage-based auto insurance program that can save you as much as 40% on your auto insurance if you drive less than 600 km a month. The less you drive, the less you pay. Sounds like just the thing for the pandemic.

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Taking Care of Our Customers During the Pandemic

12 May 2020 in COVID-19 Resources & News&News at M&W

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought with it a number of negative effects, including of course the physical and emotional toll on families directly affected by the virus. Beyond that, it has wreaked havoc on businesses, and resulted in millions of Canadians facing considerable financial hardship, either because they’ve been laid off, or possibly because of […]

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Is COVID-19 an Act of God?

06 May 2020 in COVID-19 Resources & News

Is COVID-19 an Act of God? For Insurance, It Doesn’t Matter There is a common misconception out there that “Acts of God” are never covered by insurance. This belief is founded in the history of insurance, and in fact there have been “Act of God” exclusions in many an insurance policy through the ages. The […]

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Ask a Broker #2 – Home Insurance Special Q&A 1

19 Feb 2020 in Ask a Broker&Home Insurance

In This Installment of Ask a Broker: Protecting your home, your possessions and your savings from unforeseen dangers like fires, storms and lawsuits is what our service team is all about. This installment of Ask a Broker is devoted to answering your most common questions about home, condo and tenants insurance. Our team has got […]

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Ontario Distracted Driving Laws, Fines, & Penalties

27 Jan 2020 in Auto Insurance

Driver distraction is the new drunk driving: Here’s what texting and driving will cost you.

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Ask a Broker #1 – Auto Insurance Special Q&A 1

21 Jan 2020 in Ask a Broker&Auto Insurance

In This Installment of Ask a Broker: Every industry has its common questions and at times surprising answers, and the insurance industry is no different. Our brokers are on the front lines of Ontario insurance every day, and have a knack for clear answers that can save you time and money. In this instalment of […]

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Growth Matters – Mitchell & Whale Cracks Growth 500 List

12 Sep 2019 in News at M&W

Canadian Business Magazine has released its 31st annual list of the fastest growing companies in the country (The Growth 500), and Mitchell & Whale is proud to be on it!

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