Derrick Coyle

With 35 years of general insurance experience and a lifelong passion for writing, Derrick Coyle presents information and ideas with insight and clarity.

Derrick’s posts combine an understanding of technical issues, an appreciation for the roles of brokers and underwriters, and a writing style to inform and intrigue the reader.

Posts by Derrick Coyle:

Cost of auto Insurance in Ontario

Driving Cost From Ontario Auto Insurance

A recent flurry of news reports throws some serious shade at providers of automobile insurance in Ontario. “Grand Theft Auto,” accuses one headline. “Ontario drivers have fewest accidents, pay highest insurance premiums,” charges another.

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Self-driving car

A Lighter Look at Self-Driving Cars

Carrie Underwood probably didn’t have self-driving cars in mind with her reverential plea, “Jesus take the wheel,” in the hit song from her debut album, but skittish skeptics of the new technology may soon be singing a similar tune.

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