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With 35 years of general insurance experience and a lifelong passion for writing, Derrick Coyle presents information and ideas with insight and clarity.

Derrick’s posts combine an understanding of technical issues, an appreciation for the roles of brokers and underwriters, and a writing style to inform and intrigue the reader.

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Person at desk doing business from home

The Business End of Home Insurance

In an earlier article we touched on the growing trend of home-based businesses and highlighted the importance of discussing income generating ventures with an insurance broker to arrange proper coverage. The insurance industry has recognized the popularity of gainful domestic enterprise—that creative entrepreneurial space between a full commercial business and a paper route—and the market

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Cheapest car to ensure

How Much Does it Cost to Insure Canada’s Top Ten Vehicles?

The top ten selling vehicles of 2018 make up one third of all the vehicles sold in Canada during that year. These models are super-popular, and in fact, you might be looking into buying one right now. If you are looking at one of these beauties, you might want to know how much it would

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Excluded driver

What Happens When You Exclude a High-Risk Driver From Your Policy?

So you’re looking for a reasonable rate on your auto insurance, except your spouse has two speeding tickets and a DUI on his record. Chances are, no insurance company will want to insure you, and you will be left to buy high-risk auto insurance at a rate of $10,000 a year or more. It doesn’t

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Home business owner at desk

The Merits of Minding Your Home Business

You figure you’ll start a little business from home to supplement the family income, do you? Maybe you’ve given up that job in retail sales to babysit some neighbourhood kids after discovering just how much a second child in daycare eats into the take-home pay; or

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Regret from having made mistakes with home insurance

13 Home Insurance Regrets to Avoid

Getting home insurance to meet your needs and expectations can be a smooth process when you have the right guidance and support. That’s why it is always wise to speak with an experienced broker who has the knowledge and resources to find you the ideal coverage for your property and loss exposures.

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Distracted driver with multiple distractions

10 Fatal Distractions For Car Drivers

There are times when we have no choice but to entrust our fate to others. We pray the attending surgeon is having a good day. We hope the pilot squeezed in a nap before our red-eye flight. But it doesn’t take a triple-bypass or turbulence at 30,000 feet to be vitally dependent on the competence

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Expensive Toronto

Why Is Car Insurance So Expensive in Toronto & the GTA?

In an April 2017 report, Special Advisor to the Minister of Finance in Ontario, David Marshall, pegged the average Ontario car insurance premium in the year 2015, at $1,458 per vehicle—a figure almost 55 percent higher than the average rate for the rest of Canada. We discuss this in more detail in an

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Keep calm and cover your assets

Insurance: Quietly Covering Your Assets

Money For Nothing? Of all the goods and services competing for a share of our hard-earned cash, insurance will not likely rank high on many Top-10 Lists of most satisfying purchases. Consumer products generally come with some immediate gratification: We show off the new car as soon as we drive it off the lot; the

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Field of Dreams business culture

Mitchell & Whale: Cultivating a Winning Team

If you build it, they will come. This slight twist on the ethereal whisper from Kevin Costner’s 1989 film, Field of Dreams, may be useful counsel for employers hoping to field a winning team from a new generation of talent.

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Eslip: The electronic Pink Slip

Pink Cards: The Proof is in the Scrolling

It’s an encounter with all the interpersonal appeal of a proctologist appointment: Good evening, sir, do you know why I pulled you over tonight? Uh, no officer. Your left taillight’s out. Shoot, sorry, it’s my dad’s car. I had no idea.

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