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About Alex Gemmiti:

Alex Gemmiti (BSc, CIP, RIBO) is the service team leader for Mitchell & Whale Insurance Brokers Ltd. Alex has been a Service Team Member at M&W for over 2 years, and was a claims adjuster for 5 years before coming onboard.

Alex loves touring Ontario’s craft beer scene in his free time. He loves his job because he has the opportunity to truly help people who find themselves in tricky situations when they have a claim for their home, car, or motorcycle.

Posts by Alex Gemmiti:

Do you Rent? Here’s 5 Reasons Why You Need Tenants Insurance

13 Jul 2018 in Home Insurance

With the rising cost of real estate in Ontario, it is becoming increasingly popular for individuals to rent out investment properties. The rising cost of homes has also made it more popular to rent than it is to buy. Especially for younger couples and small families.

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My Roof is Damaged and Now it’s Raining! What Do I Do Next?

10 May 2018 in Home Insurance

Recently, the southern Ontario region was hit with a large windstorm which affected many residents in the GTA and surrounding areas. Many homes were left with fallen tree branches and even more with missing shingles.

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Ice Dams 101

16 Apr 2018 in Home Insurance

An ice dam is a build-up of ice or snow along the edge of a roof or eaves. Water from rain or melting snow then pools behind this build-up and passively backs up underneath the shingles entering the attic or wall cavity.

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Wind Damage: What’s Covered and How to Proceed

07 Apr 2018 in Home Insurance

This Wednesday’s windstorm in Southern Ontario left a trail of destruction and at least 100,000 without electricity. Wind gusts of up to 100km per hour toppled fences, brought down trees, ripped siding from homes, and blew shingles from roofs throughout the province.

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