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Al Maggi is Mitchell & Whale's communications wizard and content editor. Al works closely with other members of the M&W broker and executive team to make complex insurance topics understandable, and simpler ones interesting and informative.

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Drive less and pay less insurance

Can Driving Less Really Reduce Your Premiums?

With some Ontarians driving much less than they used to because of the COVID-19 pandemic, many are wondering how much the number of kilometres they drive affects their premiums. The answer is, all things considered, not much. The difference in premium between driving 10,000 km a year and 50,000 km a year is between 6

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City of Toronto

Leaving Toronto – How much can you save on insurance?

During the pandemic, many Torontonians have taken advantage of remote working arrangements, and decided to leave the city. If you do the same, you could save up to 37% on your home and auto insurance premiums. The pandemic has led to an unprecedented spike in the number of people working from home. In January of

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If I Have Roommates, Do I Need My Own Insurance?

In a word… Yes. While some insurance providers will let you add yourself to a roommate’s tenants insurance policy, allowing you to share the cost of the premiums, do NOT assume that you and your belongings are covered under their plan. Because the cold hard truth is that you are likely not. Tenants insurance is

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New normal

Life After COVID-19: What Will It Mean for My Insurance?

It came upon us quickly, and lingered on long enough to change our lives indefinitely. Now a new (old?) normal is on the horizon, and that can mean changes that affect your insurance policies. Whether for your car, your home or your cottage, it’s important to make sure these policies are up to date while

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What type of vehicle is cheapest to insure?

What Type of Vehicle is Cheapest To Insure?

There are lots of myths out there about what kind of car or truck will cost you more or less to insure. Most Ontarians would assume that a sports car will come with higher premiums, especially a red one. Not necessarily true. We also think that the bigger and more expensive the car, the more

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Car insurance: The most expensive neighborhoods in Toronto

Toronto’s Most Expensive Neighbourhoods for Auto Insurance

Within the current boundaries of the City of Toronto, there are 102 postal code groups (first 3 letters) that identify an area or neighbourhood, and can affect the premium you pay for auto insurance. Of all the postal codes, those in Scarborough are the most expensive, with 16 of the 17 Scarborough postal codes paying

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Young drivers - how much for insurance?

Young Driver in the House? How Much For Insurance?

For parents who have new and learning drivers in the house or maybe even getting their own car to go off to school, it’s good to know how much you can expect to pay for their auto insurance. The short answer is that for a family living in North York, it could cost you as

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Cheapest cars to insure

How Much to Insure Canada’s Cheapest Cars?

If you are considering buying a vehicle on Auto Trader’s list of Canada’s cheapest vehicles, you should know that the lowest-cost vehicles don’t necessarily get you the lowest insurance premiums. Here’s what it would cost 4 Ontario drivers to insure the cars on the list.

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