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Al Maggi is Mitchell & Whale's communications wizard and content editor. Al works closely with other members of the M&W broker and executive team to make complex insurance topics understandable, and simpler ones interesting and informative.

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How Much is That Ticket Really Going to Cost Me

18 Feb 2021 in Auto Insurance

When you get a ticket, the fine you pay will probably cost you less than the premium increase on your next auto or motorcycle insurance renewal. But just exactly how much more will you pay, and for how long?

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8 Home Insurance Discounts That Can Save You Money

06 Feb 2021 in Home Insurance

The price of insurance seems to always be going up in Ontario. As it pertains to home, condo and tenants insurance, the main reason for price increases over the last several decades has been a sharp increase in the number and cost of claims related to water damage. This is to be expected in an […]

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Modifying Your Vehicle? Update Your Insurance

25 Jan 2021 in Auto Insurance

In Canada, when you buy a car from a dealer, it comes with certain “standard equipment” from the factory. If your vehicle has had significant changes from that standard equipment, whether it be a modified engine, exhaust, tires or suspension, you’ll need to let your insurer know, and depending on the changes, you may find […]

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Working From Home? Pay-As-You-Go Auto Insurance Might Be For You

22 Jan 2021 in Auto Insurance

If you continue to work from home due to the pandemic and are looking for a way to save real money on your auto insurance, CAA MyPace™ is a program that is saving low-kilometre drivers 40% on average. If you drive less than 3,000 kilometres a year, you could save 50% or more.

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Toronto Asks: Does Location Really Matters for Auto Insurance?

22 Dec 2020 in Auto Insurance

Location, location, location. You’ve heard it a million times, usually with respect to decisions involving real estate.

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Larger Role for Tutors Means New Risks

20 Nov 2020 in Commercial Insurance

Private tutors have been in high demand during the COVID-19 pandemic. If you’re a tutor or run a tutoring agency, you’re probably operating very differently than you ever did before, what with online learning, learning pods, and some parents needing support for homeschooling. With new opportunities come new risks, so now may be the time […]

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Getting Engaged? Insure That Ring!

12 Nov 2020 in Home Insurance

You’re getting engaged. Congrats! This is a very exciting time in your life. Shopping for a ring. Setting up the perfect proposal that you’ll remember years later. Popping the big question. Amidst all this excitement, it’s easy to forget that you just bought a piece of jewellery that could be worth $3,000, $10,000, or even […]

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Are You Making Money With Your Car? Insurance Implications

28 Oct 2020 in Auto Insurance&Commercial Insurance

If you use your car to make an income, you’re probably best off getting some kind of commercial auto insurance policy or at least a commercial endorsement on your personal policy. You may think it will cost a lot more, but not necessarily.

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How to Handle a Home Insurance Claim Dispute

21 Oct 2020 in Home Insurance

If you ever need to make a home insurance claim, it’s possible that it will go smoothly and you and your insurance company will agree on what has been damaged or lost, how much of it is covered, and what fair value is for those covered losses.

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Does Cannabis Affect My Non-Smoker Discount?

13 Oct 2020 in Home Insurance

If you get a non-smoker discount on your home insurance premium, you may be paying 5-20% less than a smoker with the same coverage. However, when your broker asks if there are any smokers in the home, that includes cigarettes, cigars, pipes, and yes, cannabis. Vaping too. All of these variations on smoking have been […]

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