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ClaimsPro is Canada’s largest independent adjustment company, and has a network of adjusters with over 120 branches across the country.

HeadquartersToronto, Ontario
Employees1500+ (2018)
Services in CanadaClaims Mgmt & Admin, Claims Adjusting In All Lines of Business, Third Party Admin, & Claims Mgmt Software
Provinces LicensedAB, BC, MB, NB, NL, NWT, NS, NU, ON, PEI, QC, SK, YT

Company Overview

Founded in 1986 as a small group of independent claims adjusters, ClaimsPro has been able to grow by building a base of loyal clients. As part of SCM Insurance Services—the largest independent, privately owned provider of claims and risk management services in Canada—ClaimsPro has also expanded its operations to serve the United States.

Claimpro’s widespread presence gives the company the ability to service accounts throughout the country with the same attention to detail and quality, a major reason why insurance companies continue to use ClaimsPro for their third-party adjustments.

ClaimsPro Strengths

ClaimsPro works with firms of various sizes and organizations to help protect their assets, and their clients have come to expect a certain quality of service from the adjuster. ClaimsPro says that when a new client retains their services, they take time to learn the ins and outs of the company so that they can understand risks, how to best protect their client from liability, and save them money in the long-term. This ability to tailor its services to each client is a major benefit that the company offers.

The company employs a network of adjusters throughout the country that report to regional offices in Canada’s major cities. ClaimsPro’s primary business comes from handling analysis and adjustment of claims for insurance providers and companies with higher liability risks. Here are some of the advantages that insurance companies get from using ClaimsPro to handle adjustment services for them:

  • A team with the human resources to specialize in specific coverage areas. An insurance company may have an in-house adjustment team, but most companies don’t have the resources to specialize in any one area. This means that when a customer files a claim, the company is disadvantaged by a limited expertise in the area that the claim pertains to. ClaimsPro has a huge network of adjusters and teams specializing in different coverage areas, like home, auto, general liability, and others. This allows the company to better service claims with increased expertise and efficiency.
  • Technology that makes the claims adjustment and resolution process simple. ClaimsPro uses a proprietary software called iAdjust, that makes it easier to document and organize the details of a claim in a way that a client can follow. Citing the fact that each client has different needs during the claims adjustment process, the company says that iAdjust is intended to customize the process to meet a client’s unique needs.
  • A commitment to the entire claims process. Some claims adjustment companies may simply analyze a claim, give clients a report detailing the details of the claim and what it’s worth, and then let the client take it from there. ClaimsPro offers a more comprehensive role in the process. Once a claim is valued, the company will organize documents, manage claims databases, submit compliance information, and more.

When it comes time to negotiate a settlement, ClaimsPro works to find points to settle claims fast and save money for its clients.

ClaimsPro Services

One of the advantages of using ClaimsPro is getting access to a network of adjusters who are specialized in different claims areas. Here are some examples of areas where ClaimsPro adjusters offer an additional degree of expertise.

In all claim areas, ClaimsPro:

  • Uses iAdjust to expedite the claims process and reduce the amount of time between filing and resolution
  • Makes sure the resolution process follows insurance best practices and remains compliant with provincial regulations.

Automobile Claims

Automobile claims often appear more straightforward than they actually are. A claims adjuster has to cross-reference damages and liability allegations with accident reports and medical documents to come to a valuation. ClaimsPro has the expertise to analyze and resolve auto claims relating to:

  • Bodily injury
  • Catastrophic injury
  • Accident benefits
  • Collision

Property Claims

For simple property claims, ClaimsPro resolves a claim using its normal service. For more complex cases, the company refers the claim to its more specialized Specialty Risk Division (SRD).

The company handles property claims that deal with:

  • Commercial
  • Residential
  • Industrial
  • Business interruption
  • High net worth property

Casualty and Liability Claims

The commitment to cover clients’ casualty and liability claims takes a level of versatility since the needs can vary in a big way between two different companies. ClaimsPro attempts to provide versatile service, primarily in these areas:

  • Catastrophic injury
  • Professional liability
  • General liability
  • Host liquor liability
  • Municipal liability / Pollution liability
  • Premises liability
  • Products liability
  • Commercial liability

Specialty Risk Division (SRD)

ClaimsPro commits a separate division of the company to handle what it considers “specialty risks”, including:

  • Complex, commercial, and industrial
  • Transportation, equipment, and cargo services
  • Marine
  • BBCG Claims services – fidelity, trade contracts, contract surety, and cyber claims.

Cannabis Claims

The cannabis industry is a new frontier in insurance markets and handling risk is a new challenge for companies who manage and assess claims. ClaimsPro handles all manners of risks from operating a cannabis business, including:

Primary Risks

  • Residential / Commercial Theft
  • D&O
  • Plant / Crop Damage
  • Equipment Breakdown
  • Retail / Dispensary Operations
  • Business Interruption
  • Mould
  • Odor
  • Distribution – Shipping / Transport
  • Construction Risk

Third Party Risks

  • Social Host Liability
  • Dispensing Liability
  • Product Liability
  • Product Recall

Claims Litigation

When ClaimsPro cannot facilitate a resolution between its clients and the claimants involved in any given claim, it helps its clients prepare for the details of potential litigation that may be needed to settle the claim.

Emergency Claim Services

For urgent claims that occur after-hours or in emergency situations (natural disasters, for example) ClaimsPro offers 24/7 access to its Emergency Claims Services (ECS), allowing anyone to settle claims at any time.

Head Office:
2323 Yonge St, Toronto, Ontario M4P 2C9, Canada
Phone Number: (416) 360-7434