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Sandi Lavery

Sales Associate

Office: 1-800-731-2228, Ext. 122
Direct: 289-278-1605
Text: 289-278-1605
Fax: 289-278-1605

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Hey, I’m Sandi!

Look, Sandi can be a little extreme sometimes. That’s how she rolls. She’s into bungee jumping, white water rafting, ziplining. The wilder the better! But when she’s talking to you about your insurance needs, we promise she’s all about thinking ahead, taking precautions, making sure you and your family are protected…Until you get the premium. Then she gets all crazy and extreme again with the discounts and the savings. Cowabunga! Like I said, that’s just how she rolls.

  • I’ve always have a really great experience dealing with Mitchel & Whale Insurance, particularly with Sandi Lavery.Sandi has always been... read more

    Mara S. Avatar
    Mara S.

    I've been using Mitchell & Whale Insurace for my broker's, and I'm going on my 2nd year with them! I've... read more

    Kayla Trenholme Avatar
    Kayla Trenholme

    Sandi is the person that helped me and she was very quick to reply to my emails with a direct... read more

    Danielle C Avatar
    Danielle C
  • A big thank you to Sandi for being so helpful and always going the extra mile. Very much appreciated.

    James B. Avatar
    James B.

    I've been with this broker for years, and Sandi Lavery is an A+ agent. Responsive and thorough, while easy to... read more

    Andrew F. Avatar
    Andrew F.

    Sandi is very good to work with

    john b. Avatar
    john b.
  • I had a problem with them, they corrected it right away and made amends, they actually do care... read more

    Dave i. Avatar
    Dave i.

    I had a problem with them, they corrected it right away and made amends, they actually do care... read more

    Dave C. Avatar
    Dave C.

    My agent, Sandi Lavery, took the initiative to find a much more affordable and customized insurance policy for my vintage... read more

    nadina mackie jackson Avatar
    nadina mackie jackson
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Win the lottery


Painting, gardening, walking

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Keg steak

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Guardians of the Galaxy

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Running shoes

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