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Sam Stephens

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Phone: 1-800-731-2228, Ext. 123
Direct: 289-210-0743
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Hey, I’m Sam!

Sam loves to play soccer in her free time. By day, she’s a renewal specialist at Mitchell & Whale, where she’s always on target with great low premiums, and gets her kicks from helping our existing customers with all their home and auto insurance needs. See you on the pitch!

  • I have been with Mitchell & Whale Insurance Brokers for over 40 years. They are very responsive and their follow up is outstanding. Emily Dixon and Samantha Stephens made it seamless for me to get a better rate and secure both automobile and apartment content insurance at renewal time! Thank you so much!!

    Wendy B Avatar
    Wendy B
  • After filling out a form on Insurance Hotline last night, I have been getting a few calls already, and just when I was getting frustrated with repeating all my information and details, thinking this was "yet another broker", I was so very pleasantly surprised by the spectacular customer service this morning. Samantha Stephens was patient and extremely helpful in explaining how various factors affect my rate. She was very knowledgeable on recent changes in the industry policies and did not rush or pressure me at all. Based on my circumstances, we've figured out the best time for me, so I will be getting insurance from her in another 5 months. It's no wonder Michell & Whale have such high ratings! They truly put themselves in your shoes to make sure you get what you personally need for the best rate possible.

    Julia I. Avatar
    Julia I.
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Wonder Woman

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Travel to Hawaii


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