Photo of Jennifer Harper

Jennifer Harper

Team Leader

Office: 1-800-731-2228, Ext. 104
Direct: 905-443-0287
Text: 905-443-0287
Fax: 905-443-0287

Hey, I’m Jen!

Jen is a triathlete and mom to five kids. She’s also a team leader on our super-busy service team, which means that in addition to helping customers directly, she has to step in to help her teammates solve complex insurance issues when they’re stumped. Sounds tough, but did I just mention that she’s a triathlete and mother of five? She comes to work to relax, so give her a call for a super-chill conversation about your insurance needs.

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Full Ironman triathlon


Running/triathlons/hockey mom apparently

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Depends on who I’m communicating with

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Neither – gross

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