Hi I'm Jeanette!

Jeanette loves to curl up with a good murder mystery or suspense novel. She’s always on the edge of her seat, waiting to find out whodunnit. If you talk to her about your renewal though, she won’t keep you guessing. She’ll get you squared away in a flash. Mystery solved!

  • My Sincere thanks for Excellent Service! With all the bad news in today's society I believe many have forgotten when to compliment something done right which I am taking a moment to do now. While it took a few attempts to connect (I know you guys are crazy busy), after calling in a panic because Wawanesa jacked my monthly up from 188 to 235 per month, Jeanette got back to me. I suggested that I have been meaning to get a CAA membership to see if I could lower my rates. She suggested CAA insurance would recognize and discount accordingly. So I secured my CAA membership and got back to her, and she amazingly got me a rate from CAA insurance which is cheaper than what I am paying now. As such I am writing to you to express my appreciation for her most excellent service and I remain a happy and loyal Mitchell and Whale customer! Regards & Thanks,

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