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Camille Dunn

Account Manager

Office: 1-800-731-2228, Ext. 190
Direct: 289-278-1616
Text: 289-278-1616
Fax: 289-278-1616

Hey, I’m Camille!

Camille is no ordinary account manager. Sure, she’s got oodles of insurance industry experience and makes short work out of the toughest insurance problems. But she believes her true calling is to make sock monkeys for the stars. Smart, helpful AND crafty. Triple threat! Follow your dreams, Camille…

I love Mitchell & Whale Insurance company, they are an easy going company that is human at the end of the day. Every single employee has been courteous to me. Friendly and MOST important I will reiterate... human.

Now Camille Dunn takes this too a completely different level. She’s so warm and inviting. Now I was having a personal situation and I missed my payment. I received an email from the company about how to make another payment.

So I called the number on the email and I got Camille, I told her that I just spent thousands of dollars to get a certificate so I could improve my life. I received my first job after I hadn’t worked for a legit company for 6 full months as I was using all my energy to get my certificate as soon as possible. I was doing temporary agency or ‘day to day’ work as I balanced work/school.

I explained that I had finally got the job after my certificate. Traveled for the new company and worked 12 days straight. When I got back home there were issues that were 100% company problems. Issues that were present before I even got there that inhibited me from working for the company.

Also I explained to Camille that my employer verbally promised weekly advances, as I spoke to the owner about my situation in detail BEFORE I even accepted the job.

12 days later, no weekly advances... “oh wait until you get back home and we can talk about it he said” every time I asked..

After working 12 days straight I was paid on the companies regular paid day which was August 9th 2019, however I was paid less than 50% of the hours that I had worked.

Which put me in a very uncomfortable situation

When I told her this, Camille said she would contact the broker insurance company on my behalf and ask if we could make some arrangements.

I said sure

30 minutes later she calls me back with all of the information sorted out to perfection, everything in order

So after she did all of this... now I know if you’re still reading this you’ve dealt with ‘call Center reps’ and half the time it’s like they’re job is to read the script ‘oh but I cant’ ‘oh sorry not possible’ ‘sorry...sorry..sorry’

Because of this I asked her if her company had any google reviews. And here we are

So yeah Camille Dunn is amazing, she’s extremely intelligent and also should be managing her team she understands the human element which is life. And Camille just fixed everything.

She is awesome

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Omari Archibald
More About Camille

What superhero would u be?:

Hulk. He can hide in plain sight when he’s calm but when he gets rowdy, he gets things done

#1 Bucket List Item? :

I want to see Hawaii


I love to create. Art mostly, paintings, sculptures, furniture, costumes for dogs, sock monkeys etc.

Favourite Food:

Canadianized Chinese Food

Favourite Movie?:

Movies are my thing, but I love them all

Sneakers or Sandals?:

That is a loaded question because it depends on the time of year. Spring/summer sandals, fall/winter sneakers

Phone or Text?

Text, but only for personal stuff, work stuff I prefer phone

Burger or Taco?:


Coke or Pepsi:?

Coke but only if its diet, and I prefer fountain to can or bottled. Is that weird?

iPhone or Android:

Android all the way!