Photo of Brody Johnston

Brody Johnston

Account Manager

Office: 1-800-731-2228, Ext. 167
Direct: 289-278-3167
Text: 289-278-3167
Fax: 289-278-3167

Hi I’m Brody!

In his spare time, Brody loves to sketch. As part of the service team at M&W, he’s often called upon to draw clients a picture of what their insurance coverage looks like. If you’re already a client, he can even help you fill in any blanks in your insurance landscape.

More About Brody

What superhero would u be?:

Male version of Captain Marvel

#1 Bucket List Item?:

Have a grumble of pugs


Competitively riding horses (barrel racing)

Favourite Food:

General Tao’s Chicken

Favourite Movie?:

Too many to list, the Lord of the rings Trilogy is up there though!

Sneakers or Sandals?:


Phone or Text?:


Burger or Taco?:


Coke or Pepsi:?

Neither, lemon water all the way!

iPhone or Android: