Photo of Andrea Thornton

Andrea Thornton

Administrative Assistant

Office: 1-800-731-2228, Ext. 197
Direct: 289-278-3542
Text: 289-278-3542
Fax: 289-278-3542

Hey, I’m Andrea!

Andrea grew up playing road hockey with her brothers, and she still loves to play whenever she gets the chance. As an administrative assistant at M&W, she takes care of the paperwork to finalize your policy and make sure you’re covered. Hey, you know what kind of insurance is Andrea’s favourite? That’s easy. “Car!”

More About Andrea

What superhero would u be?:

Wonder Woman

#1 Bucket List Item? :

To go to Bora Bora (Turtle Island)


Travel, Beach v-ball

Favourite Food:

Thai, Italian

Favourite Movie?:

Too many to choose

Sneakers or Sandals?:


Phone or Text?:


Burger or Taco?:


Coke or Pepsi:?

I don’t drink pop often, but if I was to choose, Coke

iPhone or Android: