Hi I'm Adam!

Adam Mitchell on the Cover of 'The Ontario Broker' - June 2019
Adam on the June 2019 cover of ‘The Ontario Broker’

Adam loves technology. Some of us think he’s actually an insurance super-robot that was programmed with the prime directive to make insurance not suck, by any means necessary. He’s super strong, he doesn’t sleep, and it’s been at least three years since anyone saw him blink.

As CEO and Chief Awesomeness Officer (CAO) at Mitchell & Whale, Adam has been honoured to receive a number of awards and accolades in recent years, including IBAO’s 2019 Young Broker of the Year, Brokerage of the Year in 2018, and IBAO Innovator of the Year in 2016. He’s also a fixture on IBC’s Top 10 Brokerages, Elite Brokers and Young Guns lists. As the head of a brokerage that’s more than tripled in size over the last five years, he’s never content to rest on his laurels, and is always looking to bring M&W to new heights in terms of delivering value and convenience for customers, and a great place to work for the M&W team. He does this by always having an eye toward the latest innovations in marketing, technology etc., but never forgetting that ultimately insurance is a people business. Happy and engaged teammates means happy and engaged customers. This is the winning formula that Adam is banking on to take M&W to the next level.

Oh yeah, Adam also loves golf, squash, surfing, kiteboarding, skiing, deep-fried anything, his mom and babies.

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